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We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and do it with passion. Our staff are extremely knowledgable and caring. When you come to Phoenix you get a sense of family when you walk through the doors. If you are struggling with addiction or know of someone who is, please reach out to us. Life is too short to not enjoy every second of it, and it is never to late to change. No matter where you are at in your journey we are here to help. If you are struggling, just know that you are not alone.

Danielle Payne-Wood

Program Administrator



Danielle is an enrolled member of the Siletz Tribe. In January of 2020 Danielle opened Phoenix Wellness Center along with her 3 co-owners Wylie, Zebuli and Ashliegh. Danielle worked for the Siletz Tribe for over two years with experience in both managing a recovery transitional house and then later as a Case-Manager. Danielle has attended college at Portland Community College as well as school at the Beau Monde college of hair design located in downtown Portland and then ran her own successful hair salon in the Portland area, before returning back home to Lincoln County. Danielle has certifications in Positive Indian Parenting as well as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (D.B.T). Danielle serves on the Oregon Health Authority’s Behavioral Health Workforce Initiative/Community Leadership Council.

Danielle is devoted mother, wife, auntie and daughter. Danielle has been a witness to the damage that can be done to one’s spirit in the after math of trauma. Danielle has also witnessed the changes that can made to one’s life in a positive and amazing outcome in recovery, that can end in the reuniting in parenthood and relationships.

Ashliegh Ramirez

Clinical Supervisor



Ashliegh is an enrolled member of the Siletz Tribe. In December of 2016, Ashliegh graduated from Lesley University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Ashliegh worked for the Tribe prior to opening Phoenix, first in youth prevention and later as an A&D counselor. Ashliegh is certified in D.B.T, adventure based learning (ropes course, white water rafting, wilderness first aid) and so much more. In January of 2020 Ashliegh opened Phoenix Wellness center along with her 3 co-owners Wylie, Zebuli and Danielle. Ashliegh represents Phoenix for the Lincoln County Treatment Courts (Family Support Court, Mental Health & Wellness Court, Drug Court & H.O.P.E Court). In addition Ashliegh is also a public member of the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training.

Zebuli Payne

Clinical Director



Zebuli (pronounced Zeb-yu-lye) is an enrolled member of the Siletz Tribe. In January of 2020 Zebuli opened Phoenix Wellness center along with his 3 co-owners Danielle, Wylie and Ashliegh. Zeb has been in the addiction field since 2011 and he has attended college at both Portland Community College & Oregon Coast Community College. Zeb worked for the Siletz tribe for 9 years, first as a counselor then as the clinical supervisor. Zeb is trained in white water rafting/kayaking, wilderness first aid, and ropes-couse facilitation. Zeb has logged hundreds of hours facilitating outdoor adventure based activities that include; multi-day hiking trips on the Rogue River trail, day rafting trips on the Mackenzie River, day kayak trips on the Siletz River, Ropes-course activities, and team building exercises. Zeb takes great pride in not only working with individuals seeking/receiving treatment, but also their families and other support networks. Zeb is the proud father of his 2 young sons, who are the apples of his eye. Zeb has witnessed the strength of people in complete despair, due to their disease, make amazing recovery in all aspects of their lives and become stronger members of the their family in addition to their communities. Zeb believes there is always hope, always.

Wylie Stokes

Outreach Director



In January of 2020 Wylie opened Phoenix Wellness center along with his 3 co-owners Danielle, Zebuli and Ashliegh. Wylie is an enrolled Siletz Tribal member and has attended college at Lane Community College. Wylie worked for the tribe for 5-years first as a the coordinator for the men’s transitional house, then as a peer mentor and lastly as an addiction counselor. In 2018 Wylie was the recipient of the Rob Bovett Community Mentor of the Year Award. Wylie is trained in both white water rafting, wilderness first air and ropes course facilitation.

Tiffany Stokes

Drug Testing Technician


Tiffany is an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians. Tiffany was born and raised in Lincoln County and graduated from high school in 2013. Tiffany attended and graduated Dental Hygiene School in 2019. In Tiffany’s free time she enjoys painting, and engaging in Tribal ceremonial practices (e.g Feather Dance & Sun Dance). Tiffany has life experience in addiction which has sparked her desire to give back. Tiffany is excited to be in the addiction field and is ready to support her community in any way she can.

Issac Easter

A&D Counselor Trainee



Isaac is an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians. In Isaac’s spare time he likes to give back to the community by coaching football. Issac enjoys watching the Duck’s play sports, hunting, fishing and being in the great outdoors. Issac is a proud father and is passionate about being able to help those in pursuing recovery efforts.

William Smith

A&D Counselor



Willy is a person in long term recovery and is a descendant of Choctaw Nation. Willy started his professional work with Transitional sober living housing in 1998 and did that for several years before later becoming a counselor. Individual has been working in the recovery field all over for the last 20-years. In 2009 Willy was nominated student of the year with the PCC A&D program. In 2012 Willy graduated from Portland Community College and is a life time member of Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society. Willy is a member of the Alky-Angels Clean and Sober Motorcycles Association and has been doing charitable work with them for the last 14-years. For the last 12-years Willy has been the primary organizer for the ”Ride for Recovery” dedicated to Josh Porter; where proceeds are donated to support the individuals in Lincoln County Drug and HOPE Court. In addition Willy has been helping organize the “Hands Across the Bridge” for the last 12-years to celebrate all forms of recovery during the September recovery month. In May 2019 Willy received the Josh Porter Community Support Award presented by Lincoln County Treatment Court for his outstanding peer work in Lincoln County. . Willy’s spare time he enjoys riding harley’s and making beautiful custom knifes. Willy is the proud loving father of 2 stepsons, 7 daughters and 25 grandchildren and 2 great-grand children.

Savannah Staggs

Peer Mentor



Savannah was born and raised in Southeast Alaska. She enjoys the outdoors, painting, crocheting and listening to music. Prior to Phoenix, Savannah was a licensed cosmetologist. Savannah has first has experience on the effects of addiction thus enhancing her ability to empathize with our incarcerated population. Savannah has taken many classes, trainings and received certificates in business management. Savannah understands DBT skills, seeking safety, parenting classes and anger management skills. Through Phoenix Savannah has obtained her mentoring credentials and is excited to help her peers in stopping the stigma of addictions.

Nicole Rariden

Peer Mentor



Nicole, ”Nic” is an enrolled member of the Osage Nation. Nic was born in Corvallis, Oregon and raised in Lincoln County. Nic has spent the last 14-years working as a certified Nursing Assistant 2 and has loved being able to help take care of people. It was that same passion to help that has led Nic to Phoenix. In her free time Nic enjoys the outdoors doing activities such as kayaking, fishing, hiking, elk & eagle watching. Nic is an adventurer and loves discovering new places to checkout along the Oregon Coast. Nic is extremely family oriented and has a passion for giving back to the youth. Nic has spent time coaching youth softball and basketball in the past. Nic believes that being a person in long-term recovery has guided her to Phoenix where her lived experience is a invaluable asset that helps her when walking with each person that comes through the Phoenix doors; in the pursuit of their own new life journey.

Justin Mason




Justin is a Certified Recovery Mentor (CRM) and the Phoenix Case-Manager. Justin is a proud Native American and an enrolled tribal member of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians. Justin is a Siletz Feather Dancer and Singer. He is happily married to his beautiful wife Raina, and he has four amazing children: Sahaylee, Connor, Carter and Naiya. Justin’s children are his world. Justin enjoys outdoor hobbies like hunting, fishing, golfing, playing basketball and men’s slow pitch softball. When indoors Justin enjoys reading a book or putting a puzzle together. His favorite sports teams are the Chicago Cubs, Portland Trailblazers, Cincinnati Bengals and the Oregon State Beavers! In Justins spare time he enjoys coaching his kids sports and watching them dance at pow-wows.

Justin is a person in long-term recovery and through his lived experience in his own addiction his hope is that he is able to give clients advice and help guide them down a path that will lead to them living their best life possible. Justin believes that being a mentor is all about building a healthy relationship with people, starting with trust. For Justin, being open and honest is the first step in the healing process. Justin is here to help clients break through barriers. Sometimes life can feel overwhelming and it can jeopardize sobriety, so if there is anything Justin can do to help a you feel less stressed and get over some of these hurdles he will do whatever he can to help you.

Denise Ramirez

A&D Counselor Trainee



Denise is person in long-term recovery, and well before stepping into the treatment service world as a provider, she devoted countless hours to the NA community. Denise Ramirez, also known in our community as Denise Porter; was born to Bill & Rita Barrett. Denise’s father was in the Air Force and her mother worked as a civil servant for the U.S. government. Moving from state to state was part of her life, and she always felt love from both parents. Denise she believes she had a great childhood. Denise’s addiction started at 12yo when she began smoking weed. By the time she was 41yo she was a heavily into her addiction, choosing drugs over all else. When her first granddaughter was born, she knew things had to change in order to be a part of her life. On April 18th of 2008, at 44yo Denise got sober. While in recovery Denise met Josh Porter in the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous (NA). They were married in 2016 and it was the happiest day of her life. Together they lived an amazing, beautiful life of adventures; pursuing their recovery. They traveled together to all but 15 states. In 2019 Josh tragically passed away while returning from fishing. As Denise watched the boat go down, she knew things would never be the same. Denise made the promise to herself to carry on the legacy of Josh and how he lived his life; which was “one addict helping another.” When the opportunity came for her to work at Phoenix Wellness Center, she embraced it. In doing so, she is not only doing what Josh would have wanted her to do, but also what she loves: sharing her experience, strength and hope. Denise is also a board member of the Newport Fishermen’s Wife’s and is passionate about the work they do.

Breanna Jordan

A&D Counselor Trainee



Breanna is an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians. Breanna has been in recovery for over three years and understands the lasting effects of addiction. Breanna is a loving mother and is devoted to her beautiful daughter. Breanna has a passion for helping people and it is the base of what has brought her to this field. When not working Breanna enjoys spending time with her family and traveling the cities of Oregon.

Kimmia Whittlinger

Peer Mentor



Kimmia is a Lincoln County Drug Court graduate who has first hand experience through the struggles with drug addiction. Kimmia successfully had her DHS child welfare case closed. Kimmia takes pride in being a full time mom. Kimmia is a certified SMART Recovery facilitator and is ambitious to continue her education to help as much as she can in the addiction/recovery community. Kimmia is an active member of Lincoln County NA Area service.


Support Staff

SUDTD-IT (Mom says this is not real – whatever that means)

My name is Winter, and I have heard my credentials are “made up” but I don’t really know what that means. My mom (Ashliegh) said I had to let you guys know because of “full disclosure” and honesty being fundamental in my program. I enjoy eating the staff’s sandwiches and meeting new people! I share an office at PWC with my mom – well more like she shares an office with me. Mom rescued me, and even though I came with my own trauma, I want to give back. I have elevated anxiety so sometimes I get scared and hide, but I am resilient. I want to give back to hoomans by offering comfort as they walk through the door. You can find me at Phoenix providing any support I can offer.

NOTE: Unfortunately I am not at the office often but when I am sometimes I get startled. I am more afraid of you than you are of me. Every now and again when my anxiety is high I will let out a little howl but I am just excited to see you!

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